Chauchilla Cemeterio – Nasca province, Peru

This picture has been taken in Chauchilla Cemeterio. This cemeterio is in the middle of Nasca desert, one of the driest in the world (1 hour of rain per year in average). The bodies there are from the Nasca civilization that was inhabiting this area more than thousand years ago (pre-Inca civilization). Due to the extremely dry weather the mummified corpses have been conserved there in perfect state (for the one preserved from tomb robbers). The place is particularly impressive as the bodies are not buried but simply laying in holes digged in the ground and not recovered afterwards. Very little is known about the Nasca civilization that left behind them one of the greatest mystery: the Nasca lines, huge geometrical and art figures drawn in the sand of the desert and that can only be observed from the sky…

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