Machu Picchu – Peru

This picture has been taken early in the morning after I access the Machu Picchu site. It has been at first difficult cause I didn’t bought the ticket in the town 10 kilometers away from the site, which I discover is the only way to get in cause there are no ticket offices on site. Although after some negotiation with the guards I managed to get in. The delay wasn’t so much of a big deal cause I get on the top of the site right when the clouds disappeared. Perfect timing some would say. Regarding the site little is known about it except that it has been built by the Inca in one of the most inaccessible mountain of the area (trust me I hiked all the way up…). No one knew about this site until a scholar from Yale rediscovered it in 1911 while talking to some local in the area. Summer residency of a king of some sort, special citadel built to protect Inca culture… many theories exist and the mystery persist which adds to the beauty and the charm of the place

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