Pablo Escobars grave – Medellin, Colombia

This picture has been taken in the cemetery where once the most famous and wanted drug lord rest. Escobar finally killed in 1993 has been for about 15 years the most infamous but successful criminal on earth. Creating the Medellin cartel, he managed at a time more than 80% of the global cocaine market. He has been rated the 7th richest man on earth according to the serious Forbes Magazine. To run his dirty business his method were simple and brutal: Plata o Plomo” – “Silver or Lead”. The one who didnt accept his bribes were killed systematically. At the end of his live he decided to switch to the political arena and facing issues with the colombian justice, he declared war to the authorities, pushing Colombia into a bloody and endless civil war. Today Medellin is rebirthing from its ashes and is a dynamic city and the progress that have been made in less than 20 years are simply incredible. The daemons of the past are however still not fully gone and it will certainly takes some more years before the ugly pages are fully turned. I keep my fingers crossed that the Colombian will succeed in this task, they do deserve it”

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