Waiting for the ferry – Ocracoke Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA

I took this picture while I was on Ocracoke Island. In order to avoid the boring 95 highway, I choose to make my way up north through those set of islands off the coasts of North Carolina. The choice was excellent as it is a very beautiful and not very well known part of NC, but the journey there was more challenging than expected. In fact following the recent Sandy storm, the ferries that connect those small islands together can not run at low tide. I can of miss this point and get stuck on Ocracoke for 6 hours, until the water level get up again. Only drawback was that the ferry terminal is on a side of the island where there is nothing, just a small house with two toilet in it. As the weather was crap, well… this is where I spent my waiting time 😉

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