Bye bye Cartagena – Caribbean Sea, Colombia

This picture has been taken from the Stahratte, the sailing boat that brought me from Colombia to Panama. The shot has been taken while I was living Cartagena in Colombia. The panamerican highway that connects Ushuaia (Southern Argentina) to Ancorage (Northern Canada) all across the America only stops for about 20 kilometers in the so called Darien gap. Darien is a highly inhospital area of jungle and mangroves. No road has yet been built there. Crossing this place by land is extremely difficult (almost impossible) due to the dense vegetation, dangerous animals and numerous guerilleros and drug traffickers in the region that is also on the main drug path to America. Instead of risking it, I choose to take a boat to skip this passage and connect directly Cartagena (in Colombia) to Panama City (Panama) cruising for 5 days across the Caribbean Sea and the San Blas archipelago

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